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Forgetting to delete your secrets after sharing in the team?

Envboard will protect you against confidential data leakage.

Send an encrypted file to one recipient once with no installs.

Never send secrets through email or slack again. 🚀

$ npx envboard push file.txt

Reduce the invisible cost of technical onboarding

Empower new developers faster with the secrets they need to hit the ground running. Ensure the handover of up to date secrets is smooth and that sensitive production secrets are not exposed.

Send your secrets securely

Never share your secrets in plain text on Slack again, naturally forgetting to delete them. Secrets are automatically encrypted on your machine. Your recipient is sent a unique reference, share the generated password.

Single use password. One decryption. Deletion.

Once your secret have been decrypted the remote file is purged. One day to download, one recipent, one decryption, then deletion. Your secrets will only be stored on local machines and not leaked in DMs or email.

Reach out to me for support and feature requests. Currently, this service is free, file size limits apply.

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